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Play as world famous, Destructor League Champion, “Lulaya Umayma” aka “LULU” on the search for her young son “Bari” Hidden within the depths of the Mysterious BRITE Island.


Lulaya will need to gather clues, find keys and battle in the only way she knows how  to recover her boy.

Whilst traversing through BRITE Island you will encounter many enemies some of which will be fought off via the use of weapons obtained throughout your quest. Those enemies who are unaffected by these methods shall be met with a 1v1 street fighter style brawl. The side view combat section of the game will include upgradable ATK/SPD/DEF stats points that will be obtained after each Victory.

During the game you will be tested with the task of solving a small puzzle or be given retrieval quest in order to access new areas. These will be in the form of Keys and Pressure plates that will unlock entryways once pressed… but, sometimes all it needs is a good old fashion bomb blast to clear the way.

Immerse yourself in the story of Britehaven by talking to NPCs around the island. Some will meet you with polite conversation and even spare knowledge and gifts while others will be rude and obnoxious but be careful not to upset them as they may have vital information for you to hear. Also keep a close watch for the Dupris Guardsmen. They are scattered all over the island and will ALWAYS try to take you down!


Britehaven is an RPG adventure that takes a different approach to the usual format we see in pixel art RPGs. Usually video games of this genre like to take a turn based approach while we decided that combat should be an fast-paced and action packed experience …No more waiting for your opponents next move. Instead, you will have to face your foes in a ruthless 1v1 brawl reminiscent of the great combat arcade titles of the 80s and 90s.

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